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Need a Fast Criminal Search?

Get our National Criminal background check, when a fast response is needed. We can get results back to you within hours or the same business day in most cases.

For one low price we run an address history trace, alias search, check the sex offender registry and the terrorist watch list.

Making Hiring the Right Person Easy

We give you an easy to use solution for hiring the right person and staying compliant with FCRA regulations. 

Our system is web based and secured by bank-level encryption. You can run or view any report via desktop or mobile and no software is required to download.   

Cost Savings Passed to You

SaffHire offers some of the lowest prices in the industry. We have streamlined our search efforts to eliminate redundant searches and pass those savings on to you. 

Our Simple National Criminal search covers a large percentage of what companies look for when screening an applicant. We can also add additional searches as needed, such as MVR, employment verification, professional license verification and more...

We do not charge setup fees and we do not have monthly or annual minimum requirements. You only pay for the searches you run.

Start saving with SaffHire today. Start an account today or contact us for more information.

We Keep You Compliant

The background screening industry is continually changing and we work hard to make sure we are compliant and help our clients stay compliant with FCRA requirements. That's why our system allows the applicant to enter their personal information, from their own device, securely. This allows us to present compliance documents and get written acknowledgment from the applicant that they have seen and accepted all applicable compliance documents, prior to initiating the background screening.

This is just another way we try to simplify the onboarding process, to make hiring easy, accurate and compliant with all FCRA requirements.

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